Cases to Watch—Lower Court Cases Raising Ohio Constitutional Issues

Cases to Watch is a new feature that has been added to the Ohio Constitution: Law and Historywebsite (link) and can be found by going to the Court Decisions menu on the website.

Cases to Watch identifies cases that are pending in the lower courts of Ohio and that involve important state constitutional issues. The case listings include brief descriptions of the cases, their docket numbers and information about their status. The listing will be updated periodically, probably monthly, but not necessarily in real time. The date of the most recent updating will be at the top of the material, and the new information will be highlighted.

The cases initially listed include multiple cases on reproductive rights and home rule.

The other information available under the Court Decisions menu are summaries of Ohio Supreme Court decisions back to 2000 as well as a Pipeline that identifies cases that the court has accepted for review and that implicate state constitutional issues and some original actions.

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