Website Enhanced with Addition of Proposed Joint Resolutions

The Ohio Constitutional Law and History website (see link) has been enhanced by the addition of all joint resolutions introduced in the General Assembly since the 131st General Assembly in 2015–2016.

As first adopted in the 1851 Ohio Constitution, the General Assembly may propose constitutional amendments to the voters through the use of joint resolutions, which must be approved by 60% of the members elected to the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House.

Since 1851, the General Assembly has proposed 194 amendments, and the voters have approved 119 of them.  This and other statistical information about constitutional revision in Ohio can be found on the above website by going to Statistical Tables of Amendments Proposed and Adopted on the Constitutional Revision  menu.

The website also contains a Table of Proposed Amendments (see menu on website), which lists all amendments presented to the voters since the adoption of the 1851 Constitution, including amendments proposed by the General Assembly, by constitutional conventions, and by the constitutional initiative.  And on the same menu there is a separate Table of Initiated Constitutional Amendments Approved by Ohio Voters.

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